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Descendents - Everything Sucks: 20th Anniversary LP + 7-Inch


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of this special release in Epitaph Records history the label presents the deluxe 20th Anniversary edition of Descendents 1996 masterwork Everything Sucks. This remastered edition is a vinyl lover's dream; pressed on 180 gram vinyl and including a 7" with a pair of unreleased bonus tracks. The packaging features deluxe embossed cover art which features the beloved Milo cartoon plus an accompanying download. Everything Sucks marked a reunion for the band back in 1996 with the line-up that has remained solid ever since, featuring singer Milo Aukerman, drummer Bill Stevenson, bassist Karl Alvarez and guitarist Stephen Egerton. Everything Sucks features punk classics, "I'm The One" and "Everything Sux."


  1. Everything Sux
  2. I'm The One
  3. Coffee Mug
  4. Rotting Out
  5. Sick-O-Me
  6. Caught
  7. When I Get Old
  8. Doghouse
  9. She Loves Me
  10. Hateful Notebook
  11. We
  12. Eunuch Boy
  13. This Place
  14. I Won't Let Me
  15. Thank You

Bonus 7"

  1. Lucky
  2. Shattered Milo


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