Beat Street Records

DJ JS-1 - Jugglers Roulette 2LP


 These records contain hundreds of beats with phrases and sound fx layed over them, especially made for jugglin & cuttin up doubles.  It is like having scratch roulette with beats behind it.

This is NOT your avverage boring battle record with the same ole looped beats that have been on every other record.   Lots of work has gone into this.  It is not simply looping beats and adding one or two phrases.

You have never heard a battle record like this.  Over 40 minutes of material on 2 records, with the beats and sounds switching every few bars.

Once again, the roulette series has brought you a record that is actually worth your money. You will not go home and regret paying for awack record with a catch name but on y a few minutes of usable material


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