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DJ Seinfeld - DJ Kicks 2LP


Armand Jakobsson aka DJ Seinfeld approached his DJ-kicks with the intention of representing all the things that made him fall in love with dance music more than a decade ago, as well as showing some of the progression that has occurred in that time and "reflecting the simultaneous fear of leaving something safe behind as well as the excitement of venturing into unknown territories, musically and emotionally." In order to make it as personal as possible, he called upon the many talented people around him making music.

The mix opens with a pensive ambient piece that was written around the time of the album. "Having it be the first track was kind of a nice way to sign off from the album, but also to connect the story from that part of my life to this one," says Jakobsson. From there, the exclusives come thick and fast from the likes of Australians Roza Terenzi and Sleep D. Next to well established artists like Project Pablo are lesser known names like Mor Elian, with another of Seinfeld's own tracks taking things in new directions but helping to tie the mix together.

Musically things remain colourful, with slippery electro grooves, more cosmic synth work and dusty broken beats all ensuring a steady dance floor pulse remains but never at the expense of a real sense of charm and character. This is a mix that glides effortlessly from start to finish; from rushing highs to dark and driving lows, with a gamut of emotions and standout tracks all seamlessly fused into one storytelling whole. DJ Seinfeld's DJ-Kicks is not only a testament of his characterful DJ skills, but also a complete artistic statement that showcases his unique vision of dance music.


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