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Dokken - Now Playing LP


Dokken - Part of Rhino's "Now Playing" Series! - Headbanging energy, molten-lava licks, anthemic choruses, and lots of raging hormones. These were the hallmarks of what came to be called glam - or hair - metal in the '80s, and none played it better than Dokken. After making their initial breakthrough in Germany, the L.A.-based quartet brought the fire back home, and these ten original recordings capture them in their platinum prime. Plug in your air guitar, raise your fist, and shout along!

1. Breaking the Chains (2006 Remaster)
2. Tooth and Nail (2006 Remaster)
3. Alone Again (2006 Remaster)
4. Just Got Lucky (2006 Remaster)
5. Unchain the Night (2006 Remaster)
6. It's Not Love (2006 Remaster)
7. The Hunter (2006 Remaster)
8. Burning Like a Flame (2006 Remaster)
9. Dream Warriors (2006 Remaster)
10. Walk Away (2006 Remaster)