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E.C. Illa - Seeds Stems Gems LP (+ Bonus LP Live From The Ill)

Smoke On

E.C. Illa - Seeds, Stems & Gems LP + Bonus Lp Live From The Ill
Artwork by Schoolly D

A1 Dark Times
A2 You Know The Sound
A3 That's That
A4 It's The Thought That Counts
A5 When My Pen Hits The Paper
A6 Did Ya See Him
A7 Lay Low (Original Molemen Version)

B1 Saturday Night
B2 You Know The Sound Remix
B3 It Don't Stop Remix
B4 Ill State Worldwide
B5 Dark Times (Dubstrumental)

C1 Live From The Ill
C2 Low Life Or No Life Featuring – Cayex, Kay-Tone, Kingdom Rock
C3 Ill Is
C4 Illterlude
C5 It Don't Stop Original
C6 Ill Murder Shit

D1 Funky Like This
D2 Obsessive Representin
D3 I4L
D4 Ill State Of Mind Featuring – Cayex, Kay-Tone, Legendary Traxster, Massive,
Surfex, Tha Chamba
D5 Let It Go
D6 Hiddn Illstrumentalz


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