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Ennio Morricone - Le Foto Proibite di una Signora Per Bene O.S.T. LP (clear green)


“Le Foto Proibite di una Signora Perbene” (Forbidden Photos of a Lady above Suspicion) is a 1970 giallo film
directed by Luciano Ercoli ("La Morte Accarezza a Mezzanotte" and "La Polizia ha le Mani Legate" are
probably his most popular cult works among fans of the thriller / police genre) starring the German-born
actress Dagmar Lassander.
Yet another soundtrack that remained unpublished for decades and rediscovered only at the end of the 90s,
“Le Foto Proibite...” is a very varied work in which Ennio Morricone, as usual, manages to adapt his scores
to light-hearted (“Allegretto per Signora”, “Intermezzino Pop”, “Secondo Intermezzino Pop”), romantic (“Le
Foto Proibite di una Signora Per Bene”, “Amore come Dolore”, “Quelle Foto”) and hectic moments (“Qui ci
Scappa il Morto”, “Bella, Cara, Dolce, Buona Mogliettina Per Bene”, “Caduta nel’Inconscio”, “Nel Vuoto”) that
the movie consists of.
An excellent work for a cult film of Italian genre cinema, reissued on clear green vinyl. with remastered audio.