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Evans Pyramid - Evans Pyramid LP

Cultures Of Soul

This album features all of the officially released singles and the CD version comes with four previously unreleased tracks. Andre Evans was the mastermind behind Evans Pyramid, a seasoned performer and session player in Boston throughout the '70s. Full of unique disco and boogie stylings, the album includes all of the rare singles such as “Never Gonna Leave You,” “Dip Drop,” “No I Won’t” and “I Want Your Body,” as well as a recently discovered 45 that featured two top-notch disco tracks - “Dance A Thon” and “Rubber Band.” 

Never Gonna Leave You 6:45
Dip Drop 7:44
No, I Won't 5:16
Soul Petrol 5:21
I Want Your Body 5:11
Simply Say I Love You 5:10
Rubber Band 3:26
Dance A Thon 2:54


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