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Freeway x Big Ape - Primates 7-Inch (Cobalt Blue Vinyl)

Elite Fleet

Limited to 200 copies on "Cobalt Blue" colored vinyl.

No stranger to tough talk and lyrical beatdowns, Freeway isn’t mincing words on his latest single 'Primates', the Philly rap king teamed up with Amsterdam-based producer Big Ape for two speaker punishing bangers on this limited edition 7".

Free embraces the energy of Big Ape’s instrumentals and goes the f*ck off on his verses filled with varied cadences, clever wordplay, and menacing bravado. The East Coast rap titan showcases his always-ill delivery and wordplay once again here while backhanding wack rappers across the globe. What’s most impressive, though, is how he bounces around those instrumentals and utilizes nearly every flow in the book:

“When it comes to flows, I’m the rapper with the mostest/ Shut down the party, it don’t matter who the host is” On the B-side "Bombdroppaz" Freeway continues with "Y’all are not mobsters/ Ain’t no way/ You ain’t Floyd “Money” Mayweather/ Y’all are not boxers/ Crazy thing is your girlfriend wanna box us/ Grab on my pole through the hole in my boxers.” The way he moves from one boast to the next is wild, it’ll likely leave you running the tracks back to hear them again—but wait! Play the tracks to the very end, as Sweden’s Create & DJ Devastate provides you with dextrous cuts.

'Primates' becomes available in limited supply on cobalt blue vinyl on August 26th - via Elite Fleet Records.


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