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Friendkerrek - Grilchy Party Favors Vol. 2: Letters From Tomorrow LP

Grilchy Party

A new series started via GRILCHY PARTY to further expand its reach into the instrumental Hip-Hop world. Providing Lush soundscapes and highlighting up and coming producers who may not yet have broken through to the masses. We pride ourselves on being early when it comes to shining a light on talents which may have been overlooked by both the underground as well as the mainstream. The series continues with Grilchy Party Favors Vol 2 Letters From Tomorrow. The album combines kerrek’s signature synthesizer and sample based soundscapes with the raw sounds that come from working mostly outside of a computer on vintage samplers. Listeners will find touch points in many of kerrek’s genre spanning set of influences, from Ohbliv and AFTA-1 to My Bloody Valentine. The album is a journey through kerrek’s mind and an intimate glimpse into the process of creating an album, staying true to one’s goals, and the struggles that come along with the paths we choose to follow as artists and as people. Vocal interludes, heavy headnod energy, and sublime sample selection puts Letters From Tomorrow in good company alongside any beat tape or instrumental hip hop playlist.


In and Out
Zero 3
3 step
Spread Knowledge
Burning Sand
New Stress
Access Memories
Rapid Release
Ocean Deep
Objects in Mirror
Burnt Up
Depth of Field
Low Light


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