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Gameface - Every Last Time LP

Revelation Records

GAMEFACE combines the best elements of punk, hardcore, emo and pop to make something simpler, sincere, and outside a defined genre. They have the ability to reach people through catchy melodies beneath heartfelt lyrics.  By consistently producing great music over the course of more than a decade, GAMEFACE earned their fame as a staple in the post-hardcore scene. Released in 1999, Every Last Time saw the addition of drummer Steve Sanderson and showed GAMEFACE hitting their songwriting and touring stride while continuing to invite people onto their emotional roller coaster.


1. The Pirate Song, 2. Sweet Wreck, 3. My Star, 4. What I Learned In School, 5. Shock Tester, 6. Mean, 7. The Easy Way, 8. If You Want My Advice, 9. Last Of The Good Guys, 10. Boy Wonder, 11. Hey Radio, 12. Everything I Do Is Wrong, 13. The Difference Between Flying And Falling, 14. Mercury Dime


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