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GBH - Punk Singles 1981-1984 2LP (Red Vinyl)

Let Them Eat Vinyl

Formed in late 1979 G.B.H. have been described as one of the forerunners of the UK82 sound and an influence on bands as diverse as Metallica, Queens of the Stone Age, Rancid, Slayer, Anthrax, Nirvana and a host of younger punk bands. Covering their formative years between 1981 and 1984, this essential 22-song collection features remastered versions of all the band's early singles and EPs including such cornerstone cuts as "Sick Boy," "Give Me Fire," "Race Against Time," "Knife Edge," "No Survivors," "Necrophillia" and "Big Women."

  1. Race Against Time
  2. Knife Edge
  3. Lycanthropy
  4. Necrophillia
  5. State Executioner
  6. Dead On Arrival
  7. Generals
  8. Freak
  9. No Survivors
  10. Self Destruct
  11. Big Women
  12. Sick Boy
  13. Am I Dead Yet?
  14. Slit Your Own Throat
  15. Give Me Fire
  16. Mantrap
  17. Catch
  18. Hellhole
  19. Do What You Do
  20. Four Men
  21. Children Of Dust
  22. Do What You Do (Concrete Mix)