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Homeboy Sandman And Edan - Humble Pi LP

Stones Throw

Humble Pi is the collaborative album from two NYC-based rappers, Homeboy Sandman and Edan. It's also Edan's highly anticipated return since 2005's Beauty And The Beat. Sandmanand Edan's partnership goes back several years, to when a friend told Sandman to check out Edan's live show. It blew Sandman's mind, and the two finally connected when they shared a bill at Manhattan venue Santos Party House. Their collaboration took off from there: whenever they could find a few open hours, they'd write and record in Edan's Brooklyn studio. The outcome of those sessions is Humble Pi, on which Sandman's goofy and self-effacing but incisive raps are a perfect foil for Edan's electric- fried psych beats.

  1. Grim Seasons
  2. The Gut
  3. Rock & Roll Indian Dance
  4. Unwavering Mind
  5. That Moment When...
  6. #NeverUseTheInternetAgain
  7. Evolution of (sand)Man


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