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Hot16 - Rhythm feat Ohmega Watts 7-Inch

Liquid Beats

Portland, OR producer HOT16 continues his recent run of quality releases with his new 7” single, ‘Rhythm’, which features guest vocals from Ohmega Watts, and a b-side remix by the legendary K-Def.

‘Rhythm’ is not only an ode to the music that moves the body, but the vibe that connects us all, beyond barriers of language and nationality.

Utilizing samples, keyboards, and chopped up live Rhodes, Guitar, and Horns, HOT16 has crafted an incredibly impressive, and ever changing beat that allows Ohmega Watts to deliver his critical, yet hopeful rhymes.

K-Def blesses the b-side with an amazing remix that ups the tempo, and uses bass, horns, and strings on top of a driving breakbeat to create a darker tone that brings out the seriousness behind Ohmega’s message.

‘Rhythm’ is a funky, soulful record that captures the spirit of the golden era of Hip-Hop, without ever sounding retro or throwback. This is what good Hip-Hop sounds like in 2015 and beyond.


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