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Ice Cube - Death Certificate 25th Anniversary 2LP


Previously Unreleased
A1 Only One Me 3:40
A2 Good Cop, Bad Cop 3:27
A3 Dominate The Weak 4:06
The Death Side
A4 The Funeral 1:37
A5 The Wrong Nigga To Fuck Wit 2:48
A6 My Summer Vacation 3:56
A7 Steady Mobbin' 4:09
B1 Robin Lench 1:13
B2 Givin' Up The Nappy Dug Out 4:14
B3 Look Who's Burnin' 3:53
B4 A Bird In The Hand 2:17
B5 Man's Best Friend 2:06
B6 Alive On Arrival 3:11
B7 Death 1:03
The Life Side
C1 The Birth 1:21
C2 I Wanna Kill Sam 3:22
C3 Horny Lil' Devil 3:42
C4 Black Korea 0:46
C5 True To The Game 4:10
D1 Color Blind 4:29
D2 Doing Dumb Shit 3:45
D3 Us 3:43
D4 No Vaseline 5:13


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