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J Dilla - Beats Batch 3 10-Inch

Yancey Media Group

Yancey Media Group now proudly presents the J Dilla Beats Batch series. Each 10" (4 in all) features untitled and unreleased Dilla creations previously found only in the no longer available limited edition The King of Beats' Ma Dukes Collector's Edition Box Set. Like the deluxe box these vinyl offerings are limited in nature. So act now while you can still grab a piece of hip hop history!
J-Dilla Beats Batch 3 Track Listing:

1.  Untitled 
2.  Untitled 
3.  Untitled 
4.  Untitled 
5.  Untitled 
6.  Untitled 
7.  Untitled 
8.  Untitled 
9.  Untitled 
10. Untitled


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