Beat Street Records

Jason Joshua And The Beholders - Rose Gold 7-Inch

Mango Hill

Mango Hill brings you the magnificent debut of Jason Joshua & The Beholders! Featuring their first single “Rose Gold,” a tale of love and passion in the truest style and fashion. Whether you are at home, the dance floor, or in a Cadillac Deville, this tune is meant to be listened to loud and with love.

“With Rose Gold I wanted to bring back that real Latin soul vibe that is missing in soul music these days,“ says frontman Jason Joshua.

B side “Are Your Ready?” is a powerful political funk odessey dedicated to innocent lives that are constantly being taken by our law enforcement.

All written, recorded & manufactured in Miami, Florida, Mango Hill keeps their promise to bring you the realest and strongest in Miami Soul. Mastered by Alex Abrash (Lee Fields, Sunny & The Sunliners). Now ladies & gentlemen, enjoy the romantic debut of Jason Joshua & The Beholders!



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