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Jeru The Damaja - Wrath Of The Math 2LP


The intellectual Brooklyn emcee's sprawling 1996 release, Wrath of the Math was the follow-up to his classic debut, The Sun Rises In The East and it features even more genius production from the great DJ Premier. The album's lyrical content was largely centered around Jeru's commentary on the decline of hip hop during the mid-'90s and the need for a new rap consciousness. Even though the tracks "Whatever," "One Day" and the hit single "Ya Playin' Yaself" represent some of the finest work the pair ever produced, unfortunately Wrath of the Math would be the last collaboration between the hip-hop legends.

Track Listing

1. Wrath of the Math
2. Tha Frustrated Nigga
3. Black Cowboys
4. Tha Bullshit
5. Whatever
6. Physical Stamina
7. One Day
8. Revenge of the Prophet (Part 5)
9. Scientifical Madness
10. Not the Average
11. Me or the Papes
12. How I'm Livin'
13. Too Perverted
14. Ya Playin' Yaself
15. Invasion


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