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Jimi Hendrix - Band of the Gypsys 180g LP



Following the breakup of the Experience, Jimi Hendrix took a sabbatical in Woodstock, New York, hooked up with bassist Billy Cox and began jamming with a wide variety of musicians, including R&B drummer Buddy Miles. He had become self-conscious about his image as a showman and rocker and about the limitations of thrashing through the same repertoire night after night. Band Of Gypsys was Hendrix's attempt to redefine himself, and in a way heralded his return to the ethos of the blues and R&B, a return assisted by a powerhouse, groove-oriented rhythm section. Band Of Gypsys was certainly different from Hendrix's work with the Experience, but rivals it in terms of scope, vision and beauty.

Jimi Hendrix Band Of Gypsys Track Listing

1.  Who Knows
2.  Machine Gun
3.  Changes
4.  Power To Love
5.  Message To Love
6.  We Gotta Live Together


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