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Joe Bataan - Mr. New York and the East Side Kids LP


Joe Bataan is the ultimate Latin Soul crooner of his era. I believe you will agree with this observation after listening to this album, which was recorded during the height of Joe Bataan’s popularity, in 1971.
The arrangements, written by Joe, who taught himself how to play piano, are examples of the fusion of Latin and Soul music as it refers to the Joe Bataan sound. He composes and performs music that young Latinos could easily relate to.

Many of these fans first took notice of his recordings in 1967, while listening to New York’s late night radio hosts Dick ‘Ricardo’ Sugar and Symphony Sid. His popularity was quite evident by virtue of the long list of requests for his recordings. This album offers you the opportunity to hear some of Joe’s most influential compositions. By listening to “Mr. New York and The East Side Kids” you will be treated to an enjoyable blend of Latin Soul and Salsa from that great era, done in the inimitable Joe Bataan fashion.


Track Listing:

  1. My Opera
  2. Aguanta La Lengua
  3. Chili Beans
  4. When We Get Married
  5. The Prayer
  6. Puerto Rico Me Llama
  7. Eres Tu Cosa
  8. Make Me Smile
  9. More Today Than Yesterday
  10. Juan Juan Lechero


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