Beat Street Records

Joey Bada$$ - 1999 2LP (Clear Vinyl)

Pro Era

At the time of this debut the Brooklyn rapper was just a 17 year old kid, but his authentic, organic 90's era hip hop vibe got him immediate props worldwide. Production from MF DOOM, J DILLA, LORD FINESSE and more. Full color picture sleeve. European Press.


  1. Summer Knights
  2. Waves
  3. FromdaTomb$
  4. Survival Tactics
  5. Killuminati
  6. Hardknock
  7. World Domination prod. MF Doom
  8. Pennyroyal prod. MF Doom
  9. Funky Ho'$ prod Lord Finesse
  10. Daily Routine
  11. Snakes prod J DIlla
  12. Don't Front
  13. Righteous Minds
  14. Where It'$ At prod J Dilla
  15. Suspect


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