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Joey Purp reconfirms why he has ascended to the upper echelon of Chicago's hip hop scene with Quarterthing, the rapper's daring full-length debut following his lauded iiiDrops mixtape from 2016. It boasts features from Rayvn Lenae, The RZA, and The GZA amidst production by longtime collaborator Knox Fortune, Smoko Ono, Thelonious Martin, Nez & Rio, and DJ Khalil. Executive production on the record was handled by Nate Fox, Nico Segal and Peter Cottontale. The album is introduced by new single "Elastic" which follows the Nez & Rio-produced "Bag Talk." "...the Chicago rapper returns with another album that defies expectations. There is a greater range of flows explored, a greater range of tones discovered, and a sharper focus throughout" (Pitchfork).

  1. 24k Gold/Sanctified
  2. Godbody
  3. Hallelujah
  4. Elastic
  5. Aw Shit!
  6. Quarterthing
  7. Paint Thinner
  8. Look At My Wrist
  9. 2012
  10. Fessional/Diamonds Dancing
  11. Karl Malone
  12. Bag Talk
  13. Lebron James
  14. In The Morning


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