John Prine - Asylum Box Set 3LP



Bruised Orange
LP1-A1 Fish And Whistle
LP1-A2 There She Goes
LP1-A3 If You Don't Want My Love
LP1-A4 That's The Way That The World Goes 'Round
LP1-A5 Bruised Orange (Chain Of Sorrow)
LP1-B1 Sabu Visits The Twin Cities Alone
LP1-B2 Aw Heck
LP1-B3 Crooked Piece Of Time
LP1-B4 Iron Ore Betty
LP1-B5 The Hobo Song
Pink Cadillac
LP2-A1 Chinatown
LP2-A2 Automobile
LP2-A3 Killing The Blues
LP2-A4 No Name Girl
LP2-A5 Saigon
LP2-B1 Cold War (This Cold War With You)
LP2-B2 Baby Let's Play House
LP2-B3 Down By The Side Of The Road
LP2-B4 How Lucky
LP2-B5 Ubangi Stomp
Storm Windows
LP3-A1 Shop Talk
LP3-A2 Living In The Future
LP3-A3 It's Happening To You
LP3-A4 Sleepy Eyed Boy
LP3-A5 All Night Blue
LP3-B1 Just Wanna Be With You
LP3-B2 Storm Windows
LP3-B3 Baby Ruth
LP3-B4 One Red Rose
LP3-B5 I Had A Dream