Beat Street Records

Jpegmafia - Veteran LP

Deathbomb Arc

The broken growl of JPEGMAFIA's production creates an uncomfortable harmony between sophisticated and garbage. This is the perfect sound for JPEGMAFA's flows, which find their true sense of danger in not giving a single fuck. Hyped up and scolding; intellectual and destructive. The sounds of Veteran are JPEGMAFIA's most ecstatic and energized yet. Jittering melodies, tumbling beats, and over the top bars show him at his most wild. Perhaps Veteran refers to what you will be, if you survive the listen. New pressing with brand new cover art!

  1. 1539 N. Calvert
  2. Real Nega
  3. Thug Tears
  4. Dayum
  5. Baby I'm Bleeding
  6. My Thoughts On Neogaf Dying (Radio Edit)
  7. Rock N Roll Is Dead
  8. DD Form 214
  9. Germs
  10. Libtard Anthem
  11. 😱
  12. DJ Snitch Bitch Interlude
  13. Whole Foods
  14. Macaulay Culkin
  15. Williamsburg
  16. I Cannot Fucking Wait Until Morrissey Dies
  17. Rainbow Six
  18. 1488
  19. Curb Stomp


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