Beat Street Records

Junko Yagami - Communication LP (Purple Vinyl)

Warner Music Japan

  • Originally released in 1985
  • First release on the label, Moon
  • Arrangements by Shiro Sagisu, Ken Yajima, and Masaaki Omura
  • Pressed on Purple Vinyl

The electro-boogie masterpiece album “COMMUNICATION” released by Junko Yagami in 1985 is finally being reissued for the first time!

COMMUNICATION” was originally released in 1985 by Junko Yagami, a talented SSW who boasts tremendous popularity among Wamono-CITYPOPfans. At that time, Shiro Sagisu, Ken Yajima, and Masaaki Omura participated in the arrangement of this work, which was released as the first release on the MOON label. Starting with “IMAGINATION” with full throttle in the 80’s, the single “CHEATER” was used as an insert song for the TBSFriday drama “Yurusenai Kekkon”. Includes 10 songs including the best electro boogie song “COMMUNICATION”, which is also the title of the album, and the electro reggae tune “Johannasberg”. I think there are many fans who have been waiting for it because it is a popular board with many people from overseas!