Sleepers Recordz

Kay Bee & Kzy-Boost LP


This American-Japanese Duo was born some months ago releasing their first 7" Vinyl together creating a really groovy & powerful Modern Funk singles. 

Now dropping their first LP with the special collaboration of great artists as Dr. Evo playing the Synth Bass & Bass Guitar for "Feel Da Funk", the Awesome Voice of Moniquea in "Good Time" and the unmistakable Talkbox Sound and the Voice of Fingazz for "Cruise Control" and his Guitars on "I Keep It Funky". 

The Sound of the album is smooth and powerful at the same time, but always Funk in all his shades, you can recognize the real sound and influence of West Coast Music typical of LA and at the same time, the spicy Japanese Funk touch coming from Osaka. 

The mix in between the 2 different cultures creates a new amazing way to enjoy the Modern Funk.