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King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard - Quarters EP

Castle Face

Count on the group of Australian weirdos - King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - to come up with an idea like this - a 12" of four songs, each 10 minutes and 10 seconds long, accompanied by an insane painting of four different worlds melding together. Who are we to refuse them?

This not quite an EP not quite an LP takes a sharp turn into the wispy and mellow; "The River" tumbles down a Brubeckian 5/4 meander right into a Leslie'd wicker counter-pattern; "Infinite Rise" rides a groovy yawning wake-up call through the commune; "God Is In The Rhythm" effervesces like a prom dance when the acid starts kicking in; and "Lonely Steel Sheet Flyer" circles ever upward like a friendly smoke signal from a beach fire. 

At 10 minutes apiece, the boys have plenty of room to stretch out around the songs, and they do so with loose limbs and stoned smiles. Altogether it feels like it flies in on dragonfly wings, lazily basks in the sun for a bit, and follows the sunset over the doubt to write another record. Black vinyl pressing packaged in poster sleeves with polybag.


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