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Knxwledge - 1988 LP

Stones Throw

Knxwledge (pronounced "knowledge"), aka Glen Boothe, is a producer raised in Philadelphia and New Jersey and now based in Los Angeles, where he is a pivotal figure in the city's new generation of beat makers. Stones Throw issues his new album 1988While NxWorries mate Anderson .Paak's silken vocals feature twice on the album, 1988 is a definitive solo work. The influence of gospel music and his background in the church is felt more explicitly than ever. The album is quintessential Knxwledge; with its soulful vocals and expertly crafted beats that work samples into something far greater than the sum of their parts, it perfectly demonstrates why Knxwledge is so revered by his fellow musicians – .Paak describes NxWorries as "my best work," while it was "Suede" that drew Dr. Dre's attention and ultimately led to his mentorship of the then-rising R&B artist.

  1. dont be afraid
  2. [bc] tm_s not promised
  3. do you
  4. thats allwekando.
  5. listen
  6. learn
  7. howtokope.
  8. with[reality]
  9. uonlygetone
  10. solivelife
  11. be safe
  12. watchwhoukallyourhomie
  13. theykome&go
  14. don_tgottabe
  15. gangstallthetime
  16. believeme
  17. itkanbe[sonice] feat. NxWorries
  18. makeuseofthetime
  19. makeitliveforever
  20. awomanslifeislove
  21. amansloveislife_keepon
  22. minding_my business feat. Durand Bernarr & Rose Gold


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