Beat Street Records

Kreator – Extreme Aggression 2LP


A1 Extreme Aggressions 4:44
A2 No Reason To Exist 4:36
A3 Love Us Or Hate Us 3:42
A4 Stream Of Consciousness 3:53
B1 Some Pain Will Last 5:40
B2 Betrayer
B3 Don't Trust
B4 Bringer Of Torture 2:15
B5 Fatal Energy 4:59
Live In East Berlin 1990
C1 Some Pain Will Last 5:40
C2 Extreme Aggression 5:24
C3 Under The Guillotine 4:28
C4 Toxic Trace 4:15
D1 Bringer Of Torture 2:34
D2 Pleasure To Kill 5:45
D3 Flag Of Hate 3:22
E1 Terrible Certainty 6:13
E2 Riot Of Violence 6:02
E3 Love Us Or Hate Us 3:58
E4 Behind The Mirror 4:49
F1 Betrayer 5:47
F2 Awakening Of The Gods 7:32
F3 Tormentor 4:59