Beat Street Records

Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein - Stranger Things 4 · Volume One (Original Score From The Netflix Series) 2LP (Blue Transparent Vinyl)


A1 What's The Internet?
A2 I Wouldn't Remember Me Either.
A3 Teens
A4 Journalistic Intent
A5 100% Convinced
A6 In The Closet (At Rink O Mania)
A7 Does That Make Us Friends?
A8 My Boobs Hurt.
A9 Unambiguous True Love
A10 Stuck in 1983
B1 Hawkins National Lab
B2 Hellfire Club
B3 Buried Memories
B4 Fancy Bomb
B5 We Are Not Heroes
B6 Nine Feet Tall
B7 Hail Lord Vecna
B8 Powerful Psychic Connection
B9 Ruth, Nevada
B10 Hellfire Isn't A Cult
B11 I Know What I Saw
B12 Curfew
C1 You're Regressing Eleven
C2 Letter To Willy
C3 Palm Tree Delight
C4 Musso
C5 Brenner's Little Pet
C6 Mr. Fibbly
C7 It's Just A Clock, Right?
C8 Welcome To Kamchatka
C9 A Nightmare Far Worse
D1 Caught A Body At The Munsen Trailer
D2 A War Is Coming To Hawkins
D3 The Elephant
D4 Hurting Towards A Gruesome Death
D5 Barefoot In The Snow
D6 Kills You In Your Dreams
D7 The Shire Is Burning
D8 Blood Balloons
D9 Burning Baby
D10 Mugshot
D11 There Are Some Things Worse Than Ghosts...
D12 A Memory Within A Memory