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Kzyboost - Callin' U LP

Sleepers Recordz

First introduced via his collaborative LP with Kay Bee, “Callin’U” is the first solo effort from producer and talkboxer KzyBoost. Hailing from Osaka, Japan, KzyBoost brings forth a diverse and groove-heavy project which employs the uptempo, synth-drenched sensibilities of modern funk, melding it with NuSoul and hip hop, creating varied soundscapes that can inspire movement on the dance floor or head nods on a dreamy late night cruise. Those steeped in a steady diet of Dilla, Madlib, and their contemporaries will no doubt find “Callin’U” to be a gateway drug into the genre. 

Kzyboost’s talkbox adds an essential vocal layer to many of the tracks, such as “PlayAnotherSlowJam,” with its distinctive g-funk bounce, or his deft P-Funk cover of “One Nation.” In addition, he is joined by vocalists on songs such as “Boogie Time” & “Callin’U” (feat. FWN) which help to make the LP a truly complete project.


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