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Liminanas - Thatcher's Not Dead 2LP

Because Music

2 X Black LP , Gatefold Sleeve. 100 % New original songs done by the psychedelic french garage duo The Liminanas & german-french music composer David Menke for the forthcoming Arte documentary "Thatcher's Not Dead" dedicated to Margaret Thatcher. The only physical edition done is the this Double LP for the Record Store day. TRACKLISTING : A1 - Snatcher – feat. Oliver Howlett A2 – Downfall – Part.1 A3 – Not our War A4 – Heritage

B1 – Bright Future B2 – The Iron Lady
B3 – Master Plan – feat. Oliver Howlett
B4 – Don’t be a traitor feat. Oliver Howlett B5 – Fuzzy Thatcher
B6 – She had to be Believed B7 – War

C1 – Broken Dreams – feat. Oliver Howlett
C2 – Num Confrontation C3 – Chaos C4 – Business as Usual
C5 – Revolting

D1 – Tears Don’t Lie D2 – Way of Her Cross
D3 Ambiguous Memories D4 – Downfall Part.B