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Living In The Streets 3: Busting Out Of The Ghetto (Wah Wah Jazz, Funky So


Once more into the breach as BGP gathers up the best streetwise funk and soul rarities from deep in the crates. BUSTING OUT OF THE GHETTO explores the music of black urban America in a 12 year period from the mid 60s. It stretches from the gritty sophistication of soul jazz small groups, through street funk and into the first flowerings of a new culture, called hip hop, that would define the next phase of black music. This period was the last time that the mainstream American music industry would allow the independent labels to dictate the way. After this the majors would control distribution and any label that looked like it meant business would be swallowed up.

This album collects together a whole bunch of rarities and in-demand items that would set you back several wallets full of cash for the original issue singles. Highlights include Peace, Love Not War by the Fatback Band - their debut 45 from 1969 - a great tune that has never before been reissued-.-the single sells on original for over $1000-.-Billy Hawks' Ooh Baby as sampled recently by US3-.-three tracks from Paul Winley's label including the first rap recording Vicious Rap and the Mighty Tom Cats' great version of Dance Girl. On top of these we have awesome funk from Carlos Malcolm and Winfield Parker, soulful jazz from Pat Bowie and Lorez Alexandria and an unreleased gem by Spanky Wilson. Add to this an obscure San Francisco funk version of the deep funk classic I'm A Good Woman and it's clear you should hear this compilation!

A1     –Carlos Malcolm     Bustin' Outta The Ghetto     3:13
A2     –The Generation     I'm A Good Woman     4:21
A3     –Billy Hawks     (Oh Baby) I Do Believe I'm Losing You     3:02
A4     –The Mighty Tom Cats*     Dance Girl     3:44
B1     –Fatback*     You Gotta Believe     3:13
B2     –The Mighty Tom Cats*     Soul Makossa     4:25
B3     –Tanya Winley     Vicious Rap     7:12
C1     –Bobby Rush     Mary Jane     2:25
C2     –King Hannibal     The Truth Shall Make You Free     3:16
C3     –Johnny King And The Fatback Band*     Peace, Love Not War     2:37
C4     –Winfield Parker     Starvin'     3:53
C5     –Spanky Wilson     He Called Me Baby     4:33
D1     –East LA Car Pool*     Seeds Of Life     3:51
D2     –Jade (14)     Viva! (Viva Tirado)     3:02
D3     –Gary Bartz     I've Known Rivers     8:34
D4     –Lorez Alexandria     I'm Wishin'     2:59
D5     –Pat Bowie & Charles McPherson     Feeling Good     4:13


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