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Lords Of The Underground - Keepers Of The Funk 2LP

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Keepers of the Funk is the second record by the Newark hip-hop trio Lords of the Underground. The variety of the beats and the energy of the different rappers can be felt in the gritty, rock-solid and low-end groove tracks. Influences of funk music increased and their rap flows are still worthwhile to listen to. Whereas their debut was somewhat harder and grittier this is a more structured recording. Deep hard beats, smooth basslines and horn samples are mixed to perfection on the 13-track record.

Lords of the Underground consists of MCs Mr. Funke, DoItAll Dupré met DJ Lord Jazz. They recorded a couple of remarkable albums during the 1990s.             

  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Printed innersleeves with credits and thank you's
  • 25th Anniversary Edition featuring "Tic Toc", "What I'm After", "Faith" and more tracks


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