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Mack 10 - Mack 10 2LP


Respect The Classics Campaign Reissue!

Mack 10 is the eponymous 1995 debut album from the Inglewood, CA rapper of the same name. Produced by mentor Ice Cube, who first introduced Mack 10 on his 1994 single "What Can I Do (Remix)," and DJ Crazy Toones, and featuring G-funk beats from Madness 4 Real, 88 X Unit and Dr. Jam, the album is regarded as a West Coast gangsta classic thanks to singles like "Foe Life," "On Them Thangs" and "Westside Slaughterhouse." Continuing with its Respect The Classics campaign, UMe will be reissuing the album back on vinyl for the first time in almost 20 years!

1. Mickey D's Lick (Intro)
2. Foe Life (featuring Ice Cube)
3. Wanted Dead""
4. On Them Thangs
5. Pigeon Coup
6. Chicken Hawk
7. Here Comes the G
8. Westside Slaughterhouse (featuring Ice Cube and WC)
9. Niggas Dog Scrapping
10. Armed and Dangerous
11. H.O.E.K. (featuring K-Dee)
12. 10 Million Ways
13. Mozi-Wozi
14. Mack 10's the Name


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