Beat Street Records

Madlib - Beat Konducta Vol. 6 - Dil Withers Suite LP

Stones Throw

Track Listing:

  1. Dill Withers Theme
  2. First Class (The Best Catalogue)
  3. Lifetime (Lifeline)
  4. The Electric Zone (Plugged In)
  5. So Much (Music)
  6. Smoked Out (Green Blaze Subliminal Sounds)
  7. Another Bag of Bomb (No Seeds)
  8. All Love (The Movement)
  9. Detroit Playaz (Gator Walk)
  10. Blast (Computer Rock)
  11. J.B. and J.D. (Interlude)
  12. Never Front (ears Up)
  13. Dillalade Ride (Contact High)
  14. Suffer (Concentration)
  15. Show Me The Good Life (Chip Stack)
  16. Slapped Up (Snap N' Clap)
  17. Another Batch (Play It Again)
  18. Full Figure Pockets (Pay Jay)
  19. Smoke Interlude (Hawaiian Punch)
  20. The Sky (Beyond Sight)


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