Beat Street Records

Magic In Threes - Return Of LP


Originally released on digital & cassette by GED Soul Records. First time pressing on vinyl record. Limited to 500 copies


A1 Introduction 0:28
A2 Chupacabra 1:39
A3 Midnight in tha City 2:14
A4 Hold Me Down 2:55
A5 More Madness 2:42
A6 Blastin' Off 2:27
A7 Who tha Trillest? 2:27
B8 Left Foot Slide 2:12
B9 Intermission 1:26
B10 Blow Out King 3:36
B11 A Time to Chill 2:29
B12 Aztec Trippin' 3:41
B13 Roll Credits 1:45


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