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Masta Ace - Son Of Yvonne Remixes 2LP

Vinyl Digital

Be ready for a legend coming back: Masta Ace.

With all due respect, some of the dopest German producers remixed the MA Doom Release “Son of Yvonne” and bring this classic in a completely new light to shine. If you read the names, you don’t need no further description:

Wun Two, I.L.L. Will, Dead Rabbit, Philanthrope, Melodiesinfonie, Mr.Mar, Retrogott, Dramadigs, Django, Knowsum, Figub Brazlevic, Scarf Face, Dude26, Kinderzimmerproductions, Flitz&Suppe, Haitian Star and more!

The 2LP comes in a high quality special cover with golden imprints. A must have for every hiphop vinyl collector.


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