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Master P - Ghetto D 2LP


Home to the signature hit singles, "Make 'Em Say Uhh!" and "I Miss My Homies," Master Pcontinued to expand his No Limit empire with the triple platinum 1997 release Getto D(shortened from the original Ghetto Dope title whose scrapped cover featured a crackhead smoking out of a glass). Topping the Billboard 200, the hip-hop empresario effectively appropriates the best '90s styles here incorporating ballads, G-funk and street rap into the mix while also using the biggest stage to market his roster stars like C-Murder, Silkk The Shockerand Mystikal. Continuing with its vinyl campaign, UMe will be reissuing this hip-hop classic back on the forma for the first time since its original pressing.


  1. Ghetto D
  2. Let's Get 'Em
  3. I Miss My Homies
  4. We Riders
  5. Throw 'Em Up
  6. Tryin 2 Do Something
  7. Plan B
  8. Weed & Money
  9. Captain Kirk


  1. Stop Hatin
  2. Eyes On Your Enemies
  3. Make 'Em Say Ugh
  4. Going Through Somethangs
  5. Only Time Will Tell
  6. After Dollars, No Cents
  7. Gangstas Need Love
  8. Pass Me Da Green
  9. Come And Get Some
  10. Burbons And Lacs


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