Beat Street Records

Mega Ran & Amerigo Gazaway - Strangers LP


Inspired by season 4 of the show, MEGA RAN & AMERIGO GAZAWAY team up to save the world from 'The Upside Down' on red & white splatter vinyl. Feat. special guest appearances from actors in "Stranger Things" and production by DJ DN3, LOST PERCEPTION, and K-MURDOCK. Full color jacket. (SOUL MATES)

1. 2 Strangers [Prod. K-Murdock] 03:44
2. The Hellfire Club [Prod. Amerigo Gazaway] 04:49
3. The Nina Project [Prod. DJ DN³] 03:47
4. Superheroes & Monsters [Prod. Amerigo Gazaway] 06:10
5. Vecna's Curse [Prod. Lost Perception] 03:35
6. The Upside Down (feat. Ray Wimley) [Prod. Lost Peception] 04:30
7. The Massacre [Prod. Amerigo Gazaway] 04:17
8. The Dive (feat. Glennellen Anderson & Dillon) [Prod. DJ DN³] 05:58
9. Superheroes & Monsters (Mega Ran Remix) [Prod. Amerigo Gazaway] 03:06