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MF Doom - Special Herbs 9 and 0 2LP + 7-Inch

Nature Sounds

The 9th and 10th installments in MF DOOM's acclaimed instrumental series. While his unique style has earned him international praise for his rapping, DOOM is also a talented producer. His knack for digging up obscure loops and dusty samples makes the Special Herbs series a must-have for any DOOM fan or hip-hop head. 2xLP vinyl includes a bonus 7-inch single with two additional KMD-era DOOM beats.

1. Pennyroyal
2. Lavender Buds
3. White Willow Bark
4. Orange Blossoms
5. Coffin Nails
6. Kava Kava Root
7. Valerian Root
8. Jasmine Blossoms
9. Black Snake Root
10. Horehound
11. Dragon’s Blood
12. Myrtle Leaf
13. Patchouly Leaves


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