Beat Street Records

Michael Leonhart - Scopolomine / Gold Fever

Truth & Soul

The first single from Michael Leonhart & The Avramina 7. Long time trumpet player for many of the T&S releases, Michael Leonhart has masterfully created something that sounds like the musical love child of R.D Burman, Fela Kuti, & Beck. A mix of reverb drenched vocals, afro beat horns, and fluttering tablas all work in perfect harmoney on The Avramina 7's first single on Truth & Soul. The hard-hitting A side, named after the medicinal alkaloid, Scopolomine, is a vocal track in which Leonhart manages to sing about the "all-purpose" drug in an unusually catchy way. Side B, Gold Fever, is an uptempo cut that is equal parts Afro Beat and Pysh Rock, with the horns of a 70's Kung Fu flick.


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