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Mick Jenkins - The Healing Component 2LP

Cinematic Music Group

Jayson Jenkins aka Mick Jenkins is an American hip-hop recording artist born in Huntsville, AL and raised on the south side of Chicago, IL. Jenkins is a member of Free Nation, a hip-hop group that promotes creative thought without accepting narrow views imposed by the powers that be.

In the spring of 2013 Mick released a mixtape entitled Trees and Truths that quickly became a local favorite, buoyed by acid jazz-influenced production, biblical allegory and lacerating lyricism. The project was by far his most lyrical body of work and caught the attention of Chicago's incipient gatekeepers. A few months after its release, a collaboration with Chance The Rapper and Vic Mensa came in the form of a single entitled "Crossroads," which was a summer hit.

In August 2014, Jenkins released The Water[s] EP, a project spearheaded by the release of "Martyrs," a record that juxtaposes harsh truths about society with thought-provoking single with various underlying messages and subtle notions. Centered around the idea of comparing water to life's truths, The Water[s] garnered national attention and served as Jenkins' breakout project while receiving critical acclaim.


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