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Mike Lundy - Nothin Like Dat Funky Funky Music b/w Round And Around 7-Inch

Aloha Got Soul

Musically one of the most intriguing examples of Hawaiian funk, Mike Lundy’s “Nothin Like Dat Funky Funky Music” was recorded in 1980 in Honolulu. The track boasts the qualities of a timeless R&B anthem, but claims its identity in the funk-and-soul universe with clever vocal interplay, spacey outbursts, inventive rhythm, and a cosmic opening sequence.

With his 2009 Hawaiian Breaks mixtape, Japan’s DJ Muro proved “Nothin Like” was the perfect track to hook people on Hawaiian funk. (It also sparked the creation of Aloha Got Soul.) But back in 1980, inspired by bands like Tower Of Power and Earth, Wind & Fire, Lundy was just trying to lay down a raw groove that people would dig.

This is the second in a series of reissues featuring music from Lundy’s The Rhythm Of Life.