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Moby - All Visible Objects LP


Mute presents Moby's new dance-heavy album, All Visible Objects. Recorded in the legendary EastWest studios, Moby created this album in Studio 3 where Pet Sounds was recorded, using the same board that was used in the making of Ziggy Stardust and the same piano that Frank Sinatra used to record some of his most notable hits. Keeping with Moby's history of donating to charity (in 2018, he started selling off his records and collection of synthesizers and drum machines, donating the proceeds to charity), he is using this album as a sounding board to bring attention to a long list of charities dedicated to preserving our planet and all its inhabitants. Includes the single "Power Is Taken" with D.H. Peligro and Boogie from Dead Kennedys and a cover of Roxy Music's "My Only Love with Mindy Jones plus further guest appearances by Apollo Jane and Linton Kwesi Johnson.

1. Morningside (feat. Apollo Jane)
2. My Only Love (Roxy Music Cover) (with Mindy Jones)
3. Refuge (feat. Linton Kwesi Johnson)
4. One Last Time (feat. Apollo Jane)
5. Power Is Taken (feat. D.H. Peligro and Boogie)
6. Rise Up in Love (feat. Apollo Jane)
7. Forever
8. Too Much Change (feat. Apollo Jane)
9. Separation
10. Tecie
11. All Visible Objects


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