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Modestep - London Road 2LP (180g) White Vinyl

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London Road is the second studio album from London-based electro-rock hybrid band Modestep featuring brothers Josh (vocals, keyboards) and Tony Friend (DJ, guitar), Pat Lundy (drums) and Kyle Deek (lead guitar). The release includes 12 intense, bass-laden tracks, all produced by the quartet, who expand upon their rock, dubstep and electro hybrid sound to create a homage to their hometown.

London Road is a striking record from the start. Opening with dramatic strings, the aggressive cockney spoken word of “Damien” paints an intense image of the album, before joining forces with pummelling guitar riffs and throbbing sub-bass. Modestep's now-signature marriage of guitar based and electronic music is prevalent throughout, with the soaring vocal of “Make You Mine” and mechanized samples that perforate “Machines,” showing them as a band not content with staying within the fold, constantly allowing their creativity to emerge to the front of their art.
Track Listing:  
1.  Damien (Modestep & Funtcase)
2.  Make You Mine (Modestep & Teddy Killerz)
3.  Machines
4.  On Our Own (Modestep & Culprate)
5.  Feel Alive
6.  Rainbow (Modestep & The Partysquad)
1.  Snake
2.  Nightbus Home
3.  Seams
4.  Sing (Modestep & Trolley Snatcha)
5.  Circles (Modestep & Skindred)
6.  Game Over (Modestep & Rude Kid ft. Big Narstie, Dialect, Discarda, Flowdan, Frisco & LayZ)


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