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Motley Crue - Saints Of Los Angeles LP

Motley Crue

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Saints of Los Angeles is Motley Crue's first release since 1997's Generation Swine and it features a collection of songs that revisit and reflect the bands infamous history.
A long overdue return to form, Saints of Los Angeles rocks with the same raucous fun as the band's entertaining '80s releases, delivering glam guitars and arena-size choruses throughout.

Track Listing

1. L.A.M.F
2. Face Down In the Dirt
3. What's It Gonna Take
4. Down at the Whiskey
5. Saints of Los Angeles (Gang Vocal Version)
6. MF of the Year
7. The Animal In Me
8. Welcome to the Machine
9. Just Another Psycho
10. Chicks = Trouble
11. This Ain't a Love Song
12. White Trash Circus
13. Goin' Out Swinging


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