Beat Street Records

Nems - Fuck Your Love 2LP

Tuff Kong

Written over a 4 month time frame while Nems was going through a rough period of his life, Fuck Your Love is definitely the rapper’s most personal piece of work. Released 2 years after his previous solo project, the record takes a deep intimate look into the trials and tribulations of the FYL president. Stand-out track on this project is definitely “I Got You”, featuring sultry songstress Arinn Aldo and entirely dedicated to his mother, the only person who has stuck by him through all of life’s ups, downs, trials and tribulations. The Coney Island mayor has poured his heart out on this record and has proven to be a good songwriter and killer rapper alike.


A1 Deliverance
A2 (Unwanted) Freedom
A3 I Got You
B1 Robbery
B2 No Talking
C1 Take It Away
C2 Fuck Your Love
C3 The Thirst Is Real
D1 Scars N Stripes
D2 Enemy Lines
D3 Your Mother Is A Gunther
D4 You Already Hoe


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