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Nickodemus & The Remix Machine LP

Turntables On The Hudson

The Remix Machine has been pumping through Nickodemus’ studio since the late 90’s with over 100 remixes as far & wide. In this special vinyl selection of 8 remixes, Nickodemus chose some rare unreleased on vinyl remixes including Preservation Hall Jazz Band uptempo driving Jazz stomper, to the funky afro-latin dance-floor main stays of Gabriele Poso, Pernett & Vieux Farka Toure afro-latin mid tempo sure-shots, to the Colombian dubbed out Empresarios, Quantic & Atropolis. Here we have 4 songs on each side, a very limited edition for the DJ’s & vinyl collectors.


Preservation Hall Jazz Band "That's It" (Nickodemus Remix) 
Gabriele Poso "La Bola" (Nickodemus Remix)
Pernett "La Rumba Bacana" (Nickodemus Remix) 
Quantic y Flowering Inferno "No Soy del Valle" (Nickodemus & Zeb Remix)
Empresarios "Cumbia" (Nickodemus Remix)
Bosq feat Nidia Gongora "Rumbero" (Nickodemus Remix) 
Veiux Farka Toure "Sangare" (Nickodemus Remix) 
Atropolis "Gaita NYC" (Nickodemus Remix)


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