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Pantera - Cowboys From Hell 2LP


Pantera's 1990 major-label debut Cowboys From Hell was as heavy as anything of its day and served as both the band's breakthrough and a great influence on metal music. Featuring the guitar virtuosity of Dimebag Darrell and the vocal ferocity of Phil Anselmo front, Cowboys From Hell turned Pantera into the preeminent metal band of the early '90s and put the remnants of the '80s metal scene to rest. Highlights include "Cemetery Gates," "Psycho Holiday," "Primal Concrete Sledge," and the searing title track.

Having long commanded upwards of $100 for a vinyl copy on eBay and long out of print on LP, Warner Bros.' impeccable analog reissue of Cowboys From Hell is cut from the original analog masters and boasts extraordinary sonics that present the punchiness, definition, impact, and edges that have forever been absent on all prior editions. This pressing lays waste to the flat-sounding CD and will challenge the limits of any stereo system. Brilliant!

Track Listing:

1.  Cowboys From Hell
2.  Primal Concrete Sledge
3.  Psycho Holiday   
4.  Heresy   
5.  Cemetary Gates
6.  Domination   
7.  Shattered   
8.  Clash With Reality   
9.  Medicine Man   
10. Message in Blood   
11. The Sleep   
12. The Art of Shredding


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