Beat Street Records

Pantera - Far Beyond Driven LP (marbled white & blue)

Eastwest Records

Released on “marbled white and stronger than blue” vinyl. Success for Pantera continued with 1994's Far Beyond Driven, notable for being one of the most abrasive and uncomprimising albums to ever debut at #1 on the Billboard chart. The album included "I'm Broken," "Becoming," "5 Minutes Alone," and the band's startlingly mellow version of Black Sabbath's "Planet Caravan."

A1 Strength Beyond Strength 3:39
A2 Becoming 3:05
A3 5 Minutes Alone 5:50
A4 I'm Broken 4:25
A5 Good Friends And A Bottle Of Pills 2:54
A6 Hard Lines, Sunken Cheeks 7:01
B1 Slaughtered 3:57
B2 25 Years 6:06
B3 Shedding Skin 5:37
B4 Use My Third Arm 4:52
B5 Throes Of Rejection 5:01
B6 Planet Caravan 4:04